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Professional 14cm Smelling Strips

Professional 14cm smelling strips (50 strips/pack).

US$ 1.50 /pack(50)
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What is feeeel... the smell..?

Professional 14cm Smelling Strips (50 strips/pack)
14cm long Professional Smelling Strips made from neutral white paper in a unique tapered design. A thinner type smelling strip designed for a good spread and release of the all the components of a perfume to be evaluated, ideal for analytical purposes.
The narrow tapered end allows convenient dipping in perfume and essential oil samples, minimising the amount of sample used each time. The wider end allows good grip between the fingers and improved strength without resorting to a thicker paper. They are unprinted to avoid odour contamination from printing ink.
On the shopping cart 1 gram/piece = 1 pack of 50 strips packed in a cellophane sleeve.
Please note when evaluating perfume, essential oil and material odours it is far better to smell them from a smelling strip than the bottle or mixing container.

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