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Blackcurrant Absolute

powerful blackcurrant minty berry fruity green blackberry jammy incense buchu

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The odour and uses of Blackcurrant Absolute
fruity and also has green minty-sulfurous and animalic notes, giving it a lasting, sparkling character Blackcurrant is a bushy perennial shrub that grows one to two meters high. Its botanical name is Ribes nigrum L. Native to the colder regions of the Northern Hemisphere, blackcurrant is now mainly grown in Poland and England, along with the Burgundy and Loire Valley regions of France. The large, bright-green leaves are divided into five lobes with finely serrated tips. The underside of each leaf is covered with odoriferous glands containing the potent, fruity fragrance characteristic of blackcurrant. In springtime, the plant becomes covered with small green flowers forming hanging clusters, which give way to juicy, black berries to be harvested in summer. Blackcurrant grows wild in cool regions, as the plant’s buds need cold enough temperatures to properly develop. The leaf buds are what are used to produce our 100% pure and natural French blackcurrant bud absolute. These very fragrant parts are harvested in January and February and processed into concrete by extraction with volatile solvents. The absolute is then obtained by ethanol extraction of the concrete. Just as with cognac or davana, it exudes a fruity fragrance and also has sulfurous and animalic notes, giving it a lasting, sparkling character.


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Product Blackcurrant Absolute
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CAS No. 97676-19-2
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Alcoholic Perfume 9
Anti-perspirants/Deo 6
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Lipsticks 6
Talcum Powder 7
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Liquid Soap 7
Shampoo 7
Hair Conditioner 7
Bath/Shower Gel 7
Cold Wave 1
Acid Cleaner 1
Ammonia 1
Chlorine 1
Detergent Powder 1
Liquid Detergent 6
Fabric Softener 5
Candles 6
Pot Pourri 7
Incense 7