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Solubilizer (Polysorbate 20)

Solubilizer (Polysorbate 20) is a water solubiliser for essential oils and perfume compounds. It has a faint warm-oily shampoo like note. Use from 4 parts Polysorbate 20 to, 1 part oil or compound. Mix the Polysorbate with the oil or perfume compound well then add the water slowly, stirring all the time. Note: Using some ethanol (20-30%) with the water will help the clarity of the end product and you may be able to reduce the amount of solubilizer necessary. As with all solubilisers the exact amount required for a completely clear solution depends on each compounds own ingredients and some materials like citrus oils and resins are almost impossible to get completely clear.

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The odour and uses of Solubilizer (Polysorbate 20)
Odour=> They all have only very faint warm-oily odor or practically no odor while they do have a bitter taste in concentrations exceeding 500 ppm They all have only very faint warm-oily odor or practically noodor while they do have a bitter taste in concentrations exceeding 500 ppm
Tea, Vegetable, Food-additive, Baked-foods,


$ZS : Tween 20: Polysorbate-20 : Polysorbate : polyoxyethylene(20)sorbitan tristearate : Polyoxyethylene(20)sorbitan monostearate : Polyoxyethylene(20)sorbitan monooleate : Polyoxyethylene(20)sorbitan monolaurate : Hexitans : PerfumersWorld


Product Solubilizer (Polysorbate 20)
Physical State viscous or very viscous pale yellowish or pale amb


CAS No. Mixture
IFRA Status / EU Allergens / MSDS / COA
Safety Notes

Perfumery Applications

Typical usage in perfume compounds


Application Suitability

Used in these perfume types but not limited to them.


9 = Very Good Performance

8 = Good Performance

7 = Reasonable performance

6 = Fair performance

5 = Mediocre performance

4 = Slight stability problems

3 = Discoloration Problems

2 = Stability problems

1 = Major problems

0 = Not recommended for use

Important Notes:

End application data applies to experiments carried out by the authors or extrapolated from those experiments using computer algorithms. As application product formulations vary widely this information is only a general guide.

Full testing by both perfumers- flavorists and end users is the only proven method to ensuring a perfume or flavours safety- strength- suitability- stability and success.

Legislation and regulations vary widely and change with time so it is your duty to check this.

Alcoholic Perfume 9
Anti-perspirants/Deo 9
Creams and Lotions 9
Lipsticks 9
Talcum Powder 9
Tablet Soap 9
Liquid Soap 9
Shampoo 9
Hair Conditioner 9
Bath/Shower Gel 9
Cold Wave 4
Acid Cleaner 4
Ammonia 9
Chlorine 9
Detergent Powder 9
Liquid Detergent 9
Fabric Softener 9
Candles 6
Pot Pourri 9
Incense 9