Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing materials, courses or services from our selection. For your information, clarity and safety please read the following important notes carefully and confirm your acceptance before completing your order details.


PerfumersWorld has supplied the information on materials and use in good faith but cannot guarantee their suitability for any application or use.

While aroma materials are generally safe in normal use and no more dangerous or toxic than many household products and cleaners, they are highly concentrated and therefore should be kept out of the reach of young children and used only by persons able to understand and comply with the instructions and safety notes. They are offered as raw materials and intermediates for study, not as consumer products and may not contain the labelling required by local regulations. It is the user's responsibility to add labelling to comply with such requirements. Never use them as flavorings or in any food products. Aroma materials are flammable and should never be exposed to sources of open flame or high temperatures. This is especially true if you use alcohol in your blends.

Educational supplies such as the kits and small amounts of materials do not normally attract customs duty but as we have no control of each country's policy or the whims of individual customs officers, it is the customers responsibility to settle any local taxes, VAT, sales taxes, duties and other costs incurred.

Bulk orders will generally attract customs duties, so please check with your local Customs and Excise Department for what charges are likely to be imposed.

End application data applies to experiments carried out by the authors or extrapolated from those experiments. As specific end application product formulations vary widely they should only be taken as a general guide. Full shelf testing by both perfumers, flavourists and users is the only proven method to ensuring a perfume or flavour's safety, strength, suitability, stability and success. Users understand and agree that it is their own responsibility to check the validity and safety of any products that they manufacture, especially in relation to local laws and customs.

You agree that in no event shall PerfumersWorld be held liable for any damages including, without limitation, injury, loss or damages, arising out of the use or inability to use the information, software or materials, even if PerfumersWorld has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

PerfumersWorld offers the information and training with care but has no control over how the information will be used or misused. PerfumersWorld makes the offer of the contents of the website and perfumery training course "The Art and Technology of Perfumery" with no guarantee of any kind. Students may use the information from the course for their own personal development but the copyright remains with PerfumersWorld or the contributors of articles therein. The student agrees that he will not pass any part of the course to ANY third party or company, nor sell or offer for sale the contents therein.

There are no special educational or experiential requirements for students and the training is generally followable for all ages, 10 years and over, and levels of experience. However, those wishing to join a live Professional or Advanced Level Workshop MUST first have completed a live Foundation Level Workshop and those applying for an Online Professional or Advanced Level Course should ideally complete the Online Foundation Level Course first but they can be followed concurrently.

PerfumersWorld has the right to refuse any applicant or group of applicants to receive training, materials or software. PerfumersWorld will not discriminate between applicants based on race, colour or language, however users must understand that the language of the course is English and PerfumersWorld makes no representations about translations into other languages. In the case of anyone under 18 they should be sponsored and if appropriate to their needs be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Information supplied by applicants will never be revealed to any third party outside of the PerfumersWorld organisation except with the express permission of the students.

Please watch these videos and read these tips if you are ordering for the first time.

Unboxing The Perfumery Training Kit - Opening Aluminium Bottles - Assembling Shelves

Storage and General Tips.

Please note that the rubber teats on our dropper bottles are designed for active use and on long term storage will decay. Keep in a cool room below 20°C. If kept above 25°C the decay may be very rapid especially with citrus, aldehyde, terpene and woody oils. Tips: Visually check the rubber teats each month and swap out if any signs of hardening, softening or swelling. Ideally replace the inner caps supplied while not in use. If storing away between uses, use polypropylene boxes (like Tupperware). Keep only similar smells together in the same box eg. Citrus with Citrus, Spice with Spice etc, to help lessen contamination.

Units used

Why we use weight for ordering.
PerfumersWorld uses weight, not volume (ml, cc, litres), as volume changes with temperature.
We ship all over the world from Dubai where it can be +50°C to even places like Canada where it can be -40°C, a 90 degree Celcius difference, so volume changes a lot but the weight remains the same.
Whilst counting drops is a very efficient way to test and prototype ideas when you upscale and make perfume commercially we urge you use only weight to measure your materials.
1ml or 1cc = 1 gram*
10 grams = about 1/3 oz, 10ml*
1 oz. = 28.4 grams
1 lb. = 454 grams
Note: Actually 1 gram of most oils and materials is slightly more than 1ml that's why they float on water. There are a few exceptions like heavy solvents such as BB, BA, DPG, DEP. The exact calculation is determined by the density/specific gravity. (Specific Gravity = Weight / Volume at 25°C)