The Student's Raw Materials Training Kit

This is a kit designed to compliment The Art and Technology of Perfumery -
Senior and Professional Courses giving students the most important notes to learn
and that make up the bulk of most perfumes on the market today, both classic and modern.

The kits comprise:

The Students Raw Material Kit

160 Materials (10grams) in 12ml Amber glass bottles with rubber dropper tops.

Materials included are Essential Oils, Aroma Chemicals, Isolates, Speciality bases or solutions of these where appropriate for convenient measuring. Materials specially selected for serious students of perfumery and those following a senior course in The Art and Technology of Perfumery. These materials represent the essential materials that the student should learn in his first 12 months of study, not just the specialities mostly offered elsewhere. You can't realistically make a commercial fragrance just using expensive specialities from Firmenich, Givaudan and floral absolutes from Grasse, you need them but you also need many more basic down to earth structural materials. They form the full range and subgroups of The ABC's of Perfumery system


The Students Raw Material Kit Includes the 120 materials (+40 more) that Jean Carles, the most famous perfumer-trainer of all time, recommended trainee perfumers to learn in the first 12 months of training. Over 95% of all styles of perfume can be made from the materials in the kit although of course you would need quite a few refills to actually do them all!

  • 160 x 10g Materials in 12ml Amber glass dropper top bottles
  • 25 x 12ml Spare Amber glass dropper top bottles
  • 1 x 250cc DPG (Dipropylene Glycol)
  • 50 Mixing Pots
  • 10 Self-assembly plastic shelves
  • 10 Packs of Smelling Strips
  • 5 Packs Mini-Sniffs
Brown Bottle Smelling Strip mini_sniffs

Please note: The following is an indicative list of the materials in
the kit but there may be slight variations in the kit due to
availability at the time of order. Materials are weighed but due to
specifc gravity (i.e. density or weight per ml) the 12 ml bottles may
seem to be more or less full than other materials


@ZN00054Benzyl benzoate
2WW00099Cedryl acetate
2QS00421Styrax Resinoid
2QV00050Benzoin Siam Resinoid 50%
3CK00150Dihydro myrcenol
3GN00379Phenyl propyl alcohol
3IF00237Ionone, alpha-
3IW00300Methyl Ionone, alpha-iso-
3JF00052Benzyl acetate
3JJ00217HCA (Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde)
3KH00065iso Bornyl Acetate
3KL00430Terpineol, alpha-
3LF00157DMBC acetate
3LF00279Linalyl acetate
3LH00252Isononyl acetate
3LK00432Terpinyl acetate
3LL00278Linalool Synthetic
3MG00134Cyclamen aldehyde
3NV00040Anis Aldehyde
3OH00037Amyl salicylate
3OH00230Hexyl salicylate
3ON00060Benzyl salicylate
3RB00375Phenyl ethyl isobutyrate
3RL00118Citronellyl acetate
3RL00206Geranyl acetate
3RM00358PEA (Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol)
3RP00371Phenyl ethyl acetate
3SP00250Iso Eugenol
3WX00407Sandela 50
3WY00244Iso E Super
3WY00465Vertofix Couer
3WY00468Vetiveryl acetate
3XU00180Ethylene brassylate
4FC00030Allyl cyclohexyl propionate
4GN00382PADMA (Phenyl Acetaldehyde Dimethyl Acetal)
4NC00295Methyl anthranilate
4RW00208Geranyl formate
5AC07527Aldehyde C-10, decanal 10% in DPG
5AG07528Aldehyde C-12, MNA 10% in DPG
5AG07834Aldehyde C-12,lauric 10% in DPG
5AR08462Aldehyde C-11 Undecylenic 10% in DPG
5BB08460Menthol Crystals 50% in DPG
5CN07545Neroli Oil 10% in DPG
5CN07838Geranyl Nitrile 10% in DPG
5CR07548Citronellal 10% in DPG
5DD07538Aldehyde C14 (gamma-Undecalactone) 10% in DPG
5DD12925Aldehyde C18 (gamma-Nonalactone) 10% in DPG
5DD07874gamma-Decalactone 10% in DPG
5ES139522-iso-Propyl-4-Methyl Thiazole 1% in DPG
5EG09234Dimethyl sulfide 1% in DPG
5EW078402,3,Dimethyl Pyrazine 1% in DPG
5FB07818Buccoxime 10% in DPG
5FC07539Aldehyde C-16 10% in DPG
5FC076232 Methyl 2 Pentanoic Acid 10% in DPG
5FG07543Allyl amyl glycolate 10% in DPG
5FL07524Raspberry ketone 10% in DPG
5FN07794Benzaldehyde 10% in DPG
5GF07561Hexenyl acetate, cis-3- 10% in DPG
5GG07890Hexenol, cis-3- 10% in DPG
5GH07509Triplal 10% in DPG
5GI07522Methyl octine carbonate 10% in DPG
5GN07535Styralyl acetate 10% in DPG
5GN07827Galbanum Resinoid 50% in DPG
5GO12259Hexenyl salicylate, cis-3- 10% in DPG
5GP07498Phenyl Acetaldehyde 50% in PEA
5HF07844Chamomile Oil German 10% in DPG
5IA07847Orris Concrete 10% in DPG
5IG07712Violet Leaf Absolute 10% in DPG
5IR07532Damascone, beta- 10% in DPG
5IS07846Carrot Seed Oil 10% in DPG
5JN07525Jasmone, cis- 10% in DPG
5JN08464Jasmin Absolute 10% in DPG
5KH07869Juniper Berry Oil 10% in DPG
5NC07839Oranger Crystals 10% in DPG
5NC12180Aurantiol (Schiff's base MA/Hydroxy) 50% in DPG
5NG07850Mimosa Absolute 10% in DPG
5NJ07849Methyl benzoate 10% in DPG
5OP07554Methyl salicylate 10% in DPG
5PF02759Ethyl Phenyl Acetate 10% in DPG
5PN07817para-Cresyl Phenyl Acetate 10% in DPG
5PS07822Methyl Chavicol 10% in DPG
5PU07646Phenylacetic acid 10% in DPG
5QK07853Olibanum Resinoid 50% in DPG
5QV09976Tolu Balsam Resinoid 50% in DPG
5RA07537Rosalva 10% in DPG
5RB07855Diphenyl oxide 50% in DPG
5RL07536Rose oxide 10% in DPG
5RM07856Rose de Mai Absolute 10% in DPG
5RP07854Phenyl ethyl phenylacetate 50% in DPG
5RP07870Rosalin (Rosone) 10% in DPG
5SC07858Methyl cinnamate 50% in DPG
5SC07859Cardamon Oil 10% in DPG
5SE07843Caraway Seed Oil 10% in DPG
5SH07845Celery Seed Oil 10% in DPG
5SL08473Coriander Oil 10% in DPG
5SP07871Bay Oil West Indian 10% in DPG
5SU07604Cumin Seed Oil 1% in DPG
5SV07857Cinnamic alcohol 50% in DPG
5TP07825Birch Tar Oil 1% in DPG
5TW07824Cade Oil 1% in DPG
5UN07558Indol 10% in DPG
5UP07523Isobutyl quinoline 10% in DPG
5UQ07791Labdanum Absolute 10% in DPG
5UU07533Civet Artificial CNC 10% in DPG
5UW07540Ambroxan / Cetalox 10% in DPG
5UW08963Costus Olifac 1% in DPG
5UY07860Fixative 505 10% in DPG
5VD07557Coumarin 10% in DPG
5VD075626-Methyl Coumarin 10% in DPG
5VF07861Ethyl maltol 1% in DPG
5VN07564Tonka Bean Absolute 10% in DPG
5VN10919Heliotrope Base 10% in DPG
5VW08955Vanilla 5% in DPG
5VV07559Ethyl vanillin 10% in DPG
5VW07530Vanillin 10% in DPG
5WR07565Guaiacwood Oil 50% in DPG
5XA07863Fixolide 10% in DPG
5XB07615Cashmeran 10% in DPG
5XU07864Musk ketone 10% in TEC
5XX07862Exaltolide (Pentadecanolide) 10% in DPG
5YG07546Calone 10% in DPG
5YH07549Oakmoss Absolute 10% in DPG
5YY07815Evernyl / Veramoss 10% in DPG
6ND09663Tuberalia Base
6RM07492Wardia SA
6WX07912Sandalwood Extra 208PW
7BB00414Spearmint Oil
7BH00182Eucalyptus Oil Globulus
7CA00339Orange Oil Sweet
7CA00857Tangerine Oil
7CC00271Lemon Oil
7CC00272Lemongrass Oil
7CK00274Lime Oil Distilled
7CL00061Bergamot Oil China
7CN00364Petitgrain Paraguay Oil
7HB00265Lavandin Oil
7HB00400Rosemary Oil
7HH00121Clary Sage Oil
7HH00896Armoise Oil (Artemisia Oil)
7HL00267Lavender Oil
7NJ00472Ylang Ylang Oil
7PS00047Basil Oil Sweet Thai
7PS00441Thyme Oil White
7RB00205Geranium Oil
7SC00327Nutmeg Oil
7SP00122Clove Bud Oil
7SQ00359Pepper Oil, Black
7SV00108Cinnamon Leaf Oil
7WB00357Patchouli Oil
7WW00095Cedarwood Oil Virginian
7WY00466Vetiver Oil