Click on avatar to view the letter. From Michael, a winemaker and happy student of Francesco in Wellington, NZ. A real letter written in fountain pen and sent in a wax sealed envelope too!

Jimmy St


Steve and Ryan have managed to simplify a form of art that can't be seen. A unique way of understanding perfume from a different perspective, organizing everything into groups that can be applicable for both experienced professionals and new hobbyist. Absolutely recommended!

Ahmed Ahme


I participated in it and it was a global experience, and I advise everyone to try the course The professors or coaches are very cooperative and cheerful, and I feel the sense of a family

Conan Fee


Fantastic course; very professional and a great blend of science, technology and art, with a hands-on approach. I'm champing at the bit to do the two-week course!

Felisha Ka


I took the Foundation and Professional-Level course in The Art and Technology of Perfumery. After years of searching for a course in perfumery, I had given up. Early 2018, I was fortunate to find Perfumers World and enrolled immediately. This experience has been life changing. I learned more than I ever thought possible about perfumery and how to be successful. There is no question that we were trained by the very best. Stephen Dowthwaite is brilliant and Ryan Chadwick is the perfect compliment. These two gentlemen are not only full of knowledge and wisdom, they also have hearts of gold.



I've done the 3 week course and it was a best decision ever. Throughout the course I have gain fundamental understanding and all advance techniques on how to make a good perfume. Steve, Ryan and the team will always be at your side to support you and let you know about the information on materials and provide an insightful advice. The most important part is to have access to variety of material to use and explore which help you have an understanding of how those materials work. I recommend to anyone who want to achieve becoming a good perfumer.

Iveta Hort


I've attended the 5 days course held in Southampton, UK - intense and full of information about chemistry and perfume making it gave me lots of insights, yet left me hungry for more. The learning system and software created by Steven is such a fine work, literally everyone can understand and work with it. Steven, Ryan and Tom are great at what they do and I'm looking forward to attending the next level!

Nadya Ovan


Very well structured course, Excellent presentations. A lot of important information presented in a very professional way, easy to understand. Lecturers create a nice environment that encourages you to dream, feel and express your self trough fragrances to learn how to make your own, good Perfume. All materials are available for practice and exploring.( books, fleuresences, essential oils- large variety) They have been taking care of us during breaks also to make sure we are well rested to continue next session. Great opportunity to make connections with people who arepassionate and engaged in the perfume industry. They also offer new projects that encourage you to continue and develop your passion in perfumery after finishing the course, which I find just great.

Cassy Simm


Without a doubt one of the best investments I've ever made! The value of this experience was priceless, as there is nothing held back, from insider secrets and professional tips to beginners FAQs, Stephen and Ryan know how to deliver supreme amounts of knowledge to all levels with humour, grace and sincerity. You will most definitely not be disappointed!

Yumiko Ino


I took a Perfumery workshop in 2010 (elsewhere) but it did not go anywhere. A few years ago, I have started looking for a suitable Perfumery course in UK again. I have found some options but I always follow my intuition even choosing who to learn with. I wanted to take the foundation course with the Perfumers World last year but I couldn't due to my work schedule. The opportunity came along this year and really enjoyed it. The course was very in depths and it suited me with practical lessons. I also enjoyed having a little homework every day. I might be an old fashioned but I sometimes find it difficult to take online courses. The course was extended two more weeks to complete the Professional one, which I will try to find the time in the near future. I know there is the further support from them after the course and I feel I could start something this time. Thank you very much for this opportunity and I do appreciate all the staff to make me feel I will start from here. And yes I would definitely recommend the course to everyone who is from any backgrounds.

Onyi Amara


Really learnt a lot from my 3weeks training with perfumers world. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to dabble into the world of perfumery.

Neha Vij


It was a lovely experience attending the perfumer world course in Winchester . Thank you perfumers world Team for sharing your knowledge with us .

Kathryn Wa


What an unforgettable experience! I?m so grateful for this gift of knowledge and nourishing my passion for perfumery. Thank you Perfumers World

Rhonada R.


If anyone has the opportunity or the desire to create a perfume, be educated in this field I highly recommend they try Perfumers World either online or in one of their intense training sessions. I just finished the one week Foundation course followed by the two week Professional course. The experience was informative, hard, fun, rewarding and life changing. Perfumers World will not disappoint.

Limor Alfasi


Last week I completed the basic course. The course was interesting, professional and opened a window to a fascinating new world. I have had a great time and am already waiting to sign up for another two weeks.

Enitan Ade


I just finished the Foundation stage of Perfumers World course in the UK and, it was fantastic; thanks to the knowledge and experiences shared by the entire team. I cannot wait to sign up for the next stage. Well rounded experience. Thank you.

ShawQi Als


I was impressed of the the intensive course that I attended for the first time in Kuwait. I learned a lots that opened my mind for many things. I would like to thank the coach Amira Al-Asar who did a marvelous job. This course is not like others, it?s a masterpiece of professional perfume learning and development. Thanks Amira and Perfumers World.

Ahmed Al S


Amazing workshop, great teacher and mentor Mrs. Amira El Aasar, would recommend this workshop for whoever is interested in making great perfumes and colognes.

Joe Merrel


I took the foundation course in Los Angeles last year and I can't recommend it more highly. Steve was a fantastic teacher with decades of practical experience. I walked away with a knowledge of the fundamentals of perfumery and a sense of how to move forward. Also, Chris and Alex at the Perfumer's Studio couldn't have been better hosts.

MrNarn Ej


What I've learned in this 3 weeks Workshop is 1000% better than what I'd learn by myself for 2 years. Totally worth it

Ahsen Sali


amazing 5 days . got to learn a lot in these 5 days. could not ask for more in these 5 days. thank you Ryan



Friendly staff and quality products

Osama Saee


Thank you Ameera, Ton and Rayan had a great time learning with fun. Those 5 days lessons was realy helpfull.Hopefully to come to thailand to continue the classes.

Arshad She


Thank you Ameera, Ton and Rayan had a great time learning with fun. Those 5 days lessons was realy helpfull.Hopefully to come to thailand to continue the classes. Kindly

Anas Sabra


Thank you Ameera, Ton and Rayan, had a great time learning with fun. Those 5 days lessons were realy helpfull.Hopefully will be coming to Thailand for advance level. InshaAllah.

Yuliya Den


I want to thank the team Parfumers World. It was very interesting, fun, soulful. I will continue my studies.

Stewart Ti


because it is very good at teaching students about creating perfumes

Hussain Al


The best perfumery experince that i had. It was really beneficial for me to get this course as it drive my vision toward the correct way that i will walk in. Thank you Rayan,Amira and lovely ton. Hope to see you soon and make business with you

John Parry


I was fortunate enough to be allowed the opportunity to attend the 5 day course in Wellington and it has changed my world .Superb teaching and energy input from Francesco and Ryan and an extremely well designed and implemented course enables us to believe in our sense of smell and put fragrance in a sense of chronologic order instead of the random way they normally come to us .A complete introduction enabling us to develop a craft and income from what we were taught but also a springboard to greater learning in this intriguing subject . Thank you Francisco and Ryan . Forever indebted to you and your learnings

Andres Pon


I did the one week course in Wellington, New Zealand and all I can say is WOOOOOW!! Ryan and Francesco did an excellent job at teaching this workshop and was way beyond my expectations. Very extensive and complete but also taught in a very fun way and one of the perks for me was that they adapted it to the topics we were more interested on so the course is very flexible, can't wait to do the three weeks one, peopke, if you are wondering if you should take please don't hesitate and do it. Thanks again Ryan and Francesco for an amazing experience.

Alice Scot


I attended the Art and Technology of Perfumery Foundation Course in Wellington New Zealand. It was a wonderful week immersed in the mysterious world of how to create amazing scents. There was plenty of hands-on practice in creating perfumes with access to a huge collection of aroma bottles. The teachers for the course were Ryan from Perfumers World and Francesco from Fragrifert Victorian Perfumery. They were excellent teachers and extremely knowledgeable in their field. The whole course was wonderful. I highly recommend the course to budding perfumers.

Melanie Br


I cannot express how wonderful the course is. One of the best weeks of my life. Ryan and Francesco were both such great teachers and I cannot believe how much I learnt in just one week! I?m so inspired now to try and fit in the 2 week course next year, although already I feel equipped to begin creating gorgeous fragrances. Thankyou so much Perfumers World for letting us into your secrets, and for developing the ABC?s technique, which is a true gift to modern perfumery

Petra Lee


Just completed a 5 day Foundation workshop in Wellington NZ. Can?t Thank Ryan and Francesco enough for being excellent teachers and making the course materials interesting- especially the Chemistry! Will continue week2-3 in Bangkok in 2019.. can?t wait! Met a lot of awesome people and smelt a lot of amazing perfumes made by all!

Mohd Rusla


great experience and lots of knowledge?

Kris Tina


One of the best experiences I?ve ever had. Both Ryan and Steve are super professional and fun to learn from. Great course and beyond

Joyce Chon


I finished week 1 and I am currently on my 2nd week. I already learned so much and love the course. Steve and Ryan, they are very knowledgeable and they put a lot of work into this course. Very informative and fun!

Josh Smith


Just finished the 5 day course in Los Angeles and was pleasantly surprised. I have done quite a bit of reading on the subject on my own and thought the initial week would light review but it has shifted my whole framework regarding scent composition. It was also a lot of fun.

Arif Muham


I took the 5 day foundation course in Dubai and it was an amazing experience. I had no experience in this industry but it was fun to play around with all the perfumes. Steve's lecture was easy to understand and Ryan was fun to talk to...!!!! And special thanks to Amera who arranged the workshop in Dubai. Loved every moment and learned a lot of new things. Hope to do the professional course soon in Dubai...!!!!

Talal Anaz


It is the right place to start learning this passion



I just completed the 5-day Intensive Course - The Art and Technology of Perfumery at University of Winchester, UK. The course was soooo good. I?m so impressed with you guys. Thank you so much to Steve, Ryan and Karen for sharing your knowledge and experience. You guys are awesome and knowledgeable. I?ve gained a lot of information, not only the basic thing of perfumery, the chemical compound, the art of perfumery, but also the tips and the blending of perfume after attending this class. I?m so amazed with the participants that came from all around the world. Thank you so much to all who made our classes were so interactive. For those who are still looking for a perfumery course, this one should be in your first list!

Yani Chan


I joined the one-week foundation course plus workshop in HK in the past week. The course was superb! It was a wonderful experience to me. The course was very comprehensive with informative and in-depth theoretical session, in addition to practical training. I gained much perfumery knowledge than expected. Details of the content of the course can be referred to their website. Besides, our teachers, Steve and Ryan, they were professional, knowledgable and supportive. They taught us in effective and easy-understanding ways. They answered any silly or stupid questions we asked. They also supplied quality raw materials with high variety (around 700 bottles!!) that impressed me much. Perfumery is amazing! This course has changed my perception of perfumery. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in perfumery to join the course! It will make you fall in love with perfumery!

Roland Nio


It's great that they offer free courses for beginners, both on their website and on youtube. I can't appreciate enough how many materials they have and that they serve small amounts for beginners and hobbyists. The materials are of great quality, I can only recommend them. Also, I recommend paying for expedited shipping for EU and NA customers, my first order got here really slowly by mail, took about 50 days to get the package, most of that time was red tape by my local customs office. Second time I paid for expedited shipping and got the package in 2 days. Their website is excellent, the ABC graphs, tag descriptions and the photos really help me a lot since I'm of the visual type. I'm vary of fragrance oils, but their fleuressence materials are top tier. Some things that could use improvement: Website: Item names in the shopping cart should be hyperlinks and there should be an option to organize items by name, price and amount. Packaging: Dropper bottle caps often can't be tightened when the safety cap is on the bottle. Overall their products and services are very professional and I'm looking to do more business with them in the future

Anoosh Ano


Amazing course and worth every penny. Well organized and professional. Strongly recommend it and thank you is not enough for the experts that provided us with the knowledge.

Destiny AS


Thank you, Perfumers World for the great course. Thank you, Steve, for your great instruction and your effective way of conveying the perfumery class concepts. Thank you for your patience while we were messing up with our perfumery ingredients. Thank you, Ryan, for your assistance in class, especially the practical work in our final project. Thank you for making our stay convenience by attending to our needs when required. Your jokes gave us life in class. Thank you, Don, for preparing, arranging and providing the raw materials for our practical work. Thank you for your continued smile. Thank you to all the rest of the team in Perfumers world who are working behind the scenes, preparing all the necessities we required for our classes. The course was well organized, structured and complete for perfumery business. The classes were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Loads of information received in 3 weeks was like 3 years Knowledge. The 3 weeks of the course away from our families was bearable and motivating. With my financial background I have never imagined that just by doing the course, I would be able to get through and love perfumery. I have to say that this course was great. Thank you!! I have already recommended the class!! I will give 100/100 to the Perfumer?s World Team.

Cecilia Ce


The three weeks course in Bangkok has been intense and great from several perspectives. Academically and humanly enriching thanks to PW team?s experience, passion and sharing attitude!

Minh Mai


The 3 week professional course includes a robust blend of both theory and practice. Steve, Ryan, and team provide excellent guidance with nuggets of wisdom for both perfumery and life. Having access to the expansive range of materials during the 3 weeks was invaluable and really helps to establish foundational knowledge of perfumery materials. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of what has historically been an esoteric subject.

Kostis Pap


Miles away from your usual daily routine, your family and people for three weeks, this program gives you a unique opportunity to be in front of the mirror and ask yourself if you truly intend to be a professional perfumer. Steve, Ryan and Don are a family of pros that will help you understand what you are capable of achieving as a person and as a perfumer. After three intense weeks of hard work you realize that this is not just a regular seminar/workshop, it is the kick-off you needed to start your first steps in the Perfumery business. Honestly i knew i was at the right place when i actually experienced from day one the love, passion and attention to detail these people show in their work. Overall an amazing experience for every person, not only for those who wish to become perfumers. Proud to consider myself a student in PW's program. Thank you guys for everything.

Ishween An


Wrapped up a fantastic 3 week course in bangkok. One of the best experiences ever. A must do for any one who wishes to learn perfumery. Steve , Ryan and don leave no stone unturned to ensure you get what you want from the course!



This course was fantastic. Any skepticism that I previously had was put to rest day 1, hour 1. The class was full of people with all levels of experience including beginners like myself. Steve and Ryan were great at keeping everyone up to speed. In the first week I learned enough to get started and loved the hands on experimenting. My only regret was not taking the 2 week advanced course.

Carey Kabi


Great course...I'm having a lot of fun and learning a lot as well

MSyahrul A


Wonderful course.. great experience..i?ve learnt a lot .. and planning to come back next year for more!

Maximo Ben


If there is something that can be said about this course is that abundantly exceeds ANY expectations. If you ever felt that perfumery was something just for a few, Steve and his crew will demystify this notion since day one and you will leave empowered enough to start making your own perfumes. It is impossible to squeeze more knowledge in such a short time.

Raewyn Rou


The first Professional two week course in New Zealand. Once again a great course with a huge amount of knowledge available to us. Endless patience with questions (yep -sorry guys there were a lot from me!) and great guidance in achieving our goals. Thanks again guys.

Omar Ataib


Thank you very much for the good information Great lessons

Carlos Lop


Very quick to respond...great simpaty and always ready to help. Very professionals

Lisa Mazur


Wonderful. I took the beginners course in Los Angeles, and it was fantastic. Everyone who works there is amazing, and Steve the instructor (and owner, I believe) was an INCREDIBLE teacher. Such a wealth of information (an impressive lifetime of knowledge and experience) that I could see how the class could've felt more daunting, but instead, he was relaxed and humorous and had such a thoughtful way of teaching it made learning a new (rather intense) subject so accessible to a person at any level of experience. I think he has put a lot of thought into the different types of learning styles and woven each type into this course...listening, writing, reading, watching and experiential. I wish he had been my instructor for every class I had ever taken on difficult subjects. Lol! He even made it chemistry fun and understandable! What a gift! I felt inspired and empowered by the class, more connected (toward the industry, my goals, myself). There are so many places you could apply what you learn here. It could be in the perfume industry, or something entirely different. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this. I think it is a good match for someone wanting to be a perfumer, work in that industry, manufacture ANY kind of scented products, market them, sell, etc. I also want to thank Chris, who works in the LA studio full time, he was brilliant. Kind, patient and SO inspiring.

Randal Ald


Amazing perfumery course! Have learnt so much even as a beginning perfumer!! Always willing to learn more from Steve!

Sarah Lou


I attended The Art and Technology of Perfumery course this July in the New Forest, UK. It was a fascinating week full of knowledge and passion for perfume. I cannot recommend this course enough. Steve, Ryan and the crew are wonderful to learn from. Thank you to PW.

Lenka Ronn


Wonderful course! Highly recommended!!! I did the 5 day foundation plus workshop in UK. Well structured course for anyone with passion for perfumery, easy to follow even for the person like me with no previous knowledge or experience in perfumery. Steven, Ryan and Tom were very knowledgeable and helpful. I feel that I learned so much in a space of one week. This course is worth every penny and will give you a good idea about perfume development and how to get started in perfumery business.

Nathalie M


Just loved it so much,cant wait for more education!

Natasha L


Having just finished the foundation plus course I want to encourage others who are new or experienced in perfumery to attend this course. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and very adept at translating some of the more technical aspects of perfumery into everyday concepts. I feel I have learnt in 5 full days what would have taken me years to figure out alone. The trainers Steven, Ryan, Karen and Tom could not have been more generous with their time and knowledge. A very well structured course giving a wealth of information in a practical and enjoyable way. Thank you so much guys!

Madhvi Pat


Thank you Team Perfumers World for a highly informative, fun and well structured course. I have enjoyed every moment of this last 5 days. Your class has given me the boost and confidence to realise what I need to do. Getting my Intention right and to continue playing. Thank you so much.

El?na B?rt


Great course - well structured, comprehensive and pleasant! I did quite a research to find a Perfumery course for beginners that doesn?t require previous experience in perfumery or knowledge in chemistry, but at the same time isn?t hobby like. Having taken the Foundation course (a bit above 35h), I?m extremely happy with my choice. It seems that this course would be equally well suited for beginners with no experience at all as well as for those already working in the field. Somehow everyone was equally excited about the things we learned, be it a professional aromatherapist or a complete beginner in scents. The theoretical part and practical blending was well balanced. Judging by the surprise of the students who work with fragrances professionally, Steve?s methods for material classification and memorization, and blending can save a lot of time in the learning and experimenting process, so it?s nice to get this experience early on the way. Steve is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and also great at teaching. Ryan, Steve?s assistant, was introduced to us as the one whose ?job is to keep you awake?, and he was good at that indeed. So basically this was loads of information and knowledge passed on to us in a well structured, logical, light and even entertaining manner, and this mix of structure and lightness is the reason why it was possible to absorb so much knowledge. And I really liked the vivid atmosphere and the Steve?s and Ryan?s encouraging attitude. Also, I do believe that even those who are a bit unsure of their interest in scents (that was my case) might benefit from this course. The methods and the knowledge taught there are sound and valuable, and can be applied to other areas too, not only scents. Thank you, Steve, thank you, Ryan, this was awesome!



Amazing!!! Can't believe I can know the process to create "My Own Fragrance" within 5 days. Steve, Ryan and Ton are very expert on Perfumes with full of knowledge and information, no any question they can't answer, especially Steve- Wizard of Perfume. Class is enjoyable and full of scent...Love it Rinyaratt /KMUTT 22-26 May, 2017 Bangkok, Thailand.

Rowena Law


Thanks so much for guidance coming from Steve and Ryan. They are incredible instructors I have ever met. After 2-week professional course, I was well-equipped with abundance of knowledge and inspiration.

Celine Won


It's definitely more than just being passionate. I highly recommend for people who's considering on becoming a perfumer or someone who already been in the industry for awhile and want to take your professionalism to the next level. The course has fully covered the mystery of the " behind the scene ". Steve is like a perfumery dictionary - From the modern extraction know-how, construction techniques to the secret of the compounds. Like it said on their website, it's not for faint hearted person. Thank you Steve, Ryan and Jackie !

Frieda Mak


The best one ever in the whole universe!

Kaajal Bha


Being passionate about fragrances, I was looking for a course on perfume making in and around Dubai but with no luck. Perfumers world filled in that gap for me with their 5 day Foundation Workshop. It gave me the opportunity to step into the world of aromas and fragrances. The instructors Steve and Ryan were really fantastic with their techniques by involving and keeping everyone engaged in the course with their own fascinating experiences with creation of perfumes. The method of instruction apart from basic theory on perfumes and techniques involved testing and creating your own scents. We also had different videos, experiments and reading links that made our journey of learning more interesting. The course also is designed in such a way that you get an insight into the perfumes industry and are trained to look at all aspects that will make your product s(m)ell. You will meet a lot of like minded people and ardent perfumers in the course who along with their different backgrounds will provide an insight on their experiences in the industry. Last but not the least, you also will get a chance to purchase basic material online to get a hands on start on making your own divine creation. To me this is not just a course but your shot at being a part of this ever growing community of powerful "noses".

Mutairi Mo


An amazing experience that will change your sense of perfumery world

Uman Usman


It was an excellent experience which is going to be with me till the last breath. Going to miss these 5 days alot. Extremely informative session.....GOLDEN MOMENTS.... A special salute to our Brilliant, Kind, Soft Hearted, Amazing AND Really Awesome GURU...STEVE...Hope it's not a goodbye.

Jean Altho


I loved this course! It has given me the opportunity to become a real perfumer by providing all the information necessary to understand all of the steps required to develop a sophisticated formula. Stephen and Ryan were excellent teachers and very generous with the sharing of their knowledge, experience, ideas and methods of perfume creation. I highly recommend this perfume course as being one of a kind in the world through its very comprehensive content. And, last but not least, I met some truly wonderful people in my group.

Duilio Sca


Last week i have completed the excellent perfumery workshop in Bangkok It covers all the areas in the field of perfumery and i think it is extremely useful for anyone working or wishing to work in the perfumery business I even learned how to be a better entrepreneur.



Having finished Pro course in Thailand, I can say it is the BEST course to attend for its well-structured objectives. You will not just learn about perfumery, you will also learn how to think and dream BIG. Personally, it was a very life-changing course, and I am very thankful for Steve (the Master) and Ryan (the fragrance Engineer) for their generosity in answering questions and providing thoughtful insights. And I DO encourage those who have interest in the subject to not to choose any course over this provided by Perfumers World.

Marika Sal


I had the pleasure of attending all three weeks of their course in March 2017. I did not have any previous experience in perfumery, but through this rather intensive course I feel I've gained vast amounts of useful knowledge. The course is really well organized and we were truly taken care of during the whole time by their great staff. Steve and Ryan are knowledgeable and capable teachers who made this course special for all of us.

NiNg Kanch


THANK YOU Perfumersworld ! I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone who wishes to know more about the art of perfumery. Steven and Ryan are fabulous teachers. It was a amazing experience.



I have learned about aromatherapy and essential oils since August 2016. However, I founded problems about nice blending aroma.Then, I attended PerfumersWorld foundation and professional course continously 3 weeks,I found that the courses and Steve help me to improve the way to blending essential oils. Moreover, they also help me to learn a lot of synthetic chemical compounds smell, the learning help me a to detect mixed chemical compounds in expensive essential oils from cheating supplier. I'm so happy from knowledge that I got from courses. Highly recommended.

Rowan Sche


Really amazing course! Very informative and loads of fun

Gus Park


They are amazing........good system! I've been in perfume business for more than 10 years and now I can see the way how to go further. If you are in, strongly recommand...!

EL Lee


Very informative course which gets you started on how to make perfume, and learn about perfume in a systematic and easy to understand way. Excellent instructors who are well-informed of market trends and practices. Recommended for anyway who wants to get into perfumery but don't know where to start.

Justine Hi


Foundation course is wonderful. Fairly intense learning the amazing systems Steve has created, but once things start falling into place it gets really exciting. The information opens up an exponential number of possibilities by simplifying the technical stuff and allowing the ever impatient creativity freedom to explore. Ryan, Tom and the rest of the support team are very generous with their time, and always willing to go the extra mile. Last day tomorrow, but definitely not the end, just the very beginning of my new addiction

Omboon Val


This is the best course for people who are serious in creating perfume. Steve is really a legendary perfumer and teacher. A lot of knowledge and practise are provided with the help of Ryan and team who also keep us smiling and happy. The first time ever that I created a very nice sophisticated perfume by following the rules. Imagine an event and turn it into a perfume with 20 aromas. We are also provided with the program that calculate the cost for us so we can create a more economical formula with even better fragrance. We still have another day to go but we have learnt a lot already!

Jamintana U-Ngern


Good workshops , next time I'll surely attended.

Brittany A


Amazing! I recommend this course for anyone interested in making perfume of any kind. I took the Foundation course in LA a week ago. I am still processing all the information. What a wonderful class. So much to learn in such a relaxed atmosphere. Steven teaches in a way that gets you excited and gives you the confidence to try and create. I had so much fun!!! I'm glad I have some time to let it all sink in and play around with my kit I bought after the class before I head to Bangkok for week 2 & 3. I can't wait! See you soon........

Dana Vi Lo


Karen Work


I recently attended the week long course in New Zealand. The training and trainers were wonderful, as was the venue and organisation by Francesco. I'm hoping to attend further courses offered by PW.

Treena Nix


Such an enjoyable week learning about perfume making, a great mix of theory and practical work delivered by Stephen & Ryan who were so knowledgeable and fun and have made perfumery available to everyone thanks to their commitment and passion. Thank you so much

Kyle Mott-


I had the pleasure of attending the week long Foundation Course offered in Los Angeles. All I can say is take it! (actually, I'm going to say more.) If you have an interest in perfume and would like to create fragrances for yourself, friends, clients, etc., do yourself the favor and take this course. Stephen, who designed the system and course, demystifies the perfume industry for you. His logical, procedure oriented approach gives you the tools you need to develop your own scents quickly. His ABC based nomenclature has a very small learning curve (you get that ah-ha moment in anywhere from 30 seconds to 20 minutes.) The classroom space in Hollywood is centrally located and well designed to provide a calm, uncluttered learning environment. You will leave at the end of the week energized and motivated to make your own fragrances! And you can do it. Stephen's instruction is that good! And they give you access to everything you need from day one!!! I spent months stumbling around the internet trying to find suppliers and instruction. And it was in my own backyard the whole time!

Siti Syari


I had no experience in perfumery, I only have passion. Taking another 4 years degree seems too much after graduating from college so I did some research on alternatives and found this workshop offered by Perfumers World. It was definitely a remarkable experience. I learnt so much in 3 weeks and if you're thinking whether to take this workshop or not, you should definitely do it! Steve and Ryan are very knowledgeable and super helpful. They're genuinely interested teaching others and very passionate about their field. Great people to work with thanks Steve and Ryan!



These guys are our go-to for any perfume or scent information. Their teaching style is simple and in 1 week, you will be able to blend amazing perfumes. Everything you need in one place, Perfumer's World

Naran Zori


I've always wanted to go to Bangkok to attend the course and was so delighted that you guys came to Los Angeles! What an amazing experience! Steven and Ryan were very knowledgeable and fun. I've learnt so much in just a week and will be returning for more in Bangkok. Anyone who's interested in the industry should take their course as it will give you a huge jumpstart. Thank you for making it accessible to everyone! Wish you more success!

Tracy Elro


Great double act, Steve & Ryan support each other to make sure everyone gets what they need from the introductory course. Highly recommended for those that love perfume, want to add perfumes and essential oils to personalise their products or those in business to enhance their knowledge and skills. Looking forward to putting it all into practice and attending the advanced course next year. Worth travelling, fun and heightens the learning experience, Chris in LA awesome host! Thank you a great learning experience in the perfumers world.

Araba Sago


The 5 day "Art and Technology of Perfumery" workshop in London was BRILLIANT! It was a good combination of theory and practice, and a great introduction to the world of Aromachemicals. I particularly enjoyed the exercise where we had to design a scent to meet a customer's brief as it gave me a taste of the life of a commercial perfumer. You also get a complementary software and if you're as lucky you could get an 'ABC perfumery kit' at an astonishing discount. I would highly recommend this workshop, it was worth every penny!

Olga Hulse


A ginormous THANK YOU to PerfumersWorld for a truly educational, informative, inspirational+ easy-to-follow (even for those of us, for whom basic chemistry very rarely makes sense!!)The Art and Technology of Perfumery course . Within such a short period of time ( only 5 days!) I have learnt and understood probably just as much (no,underestimation! Definitely more!) as I have done in three+ years! I can't recommend the course enough, whether you are just a beginner, or someone with experience-it really does change your approach, understanding and perception of everything you have previously known. To me it's like being in an art gallery, with a great many masterpieces on the walls, in a complete darkness...and then all of a sudden someone turns the light on...and you see it all in the full glory as a whole as well as individual paintings...And the more people see "the masterpieces" in the gallery, the more beautiful (and aromatic!) our world will be! Look forward to the three-week course in the UK!

Stephan Bi


I attended the 5 day workshop "The Art and Technology of Perfumery" in London and was bowled over by the amount of practical and theoretical knowledge I came away with. For anyone interested in perfumery with ambitions to take it to the next level, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned industry professional, you owe it to yourself to do this workshop! Highly recommended!

Brooke Ash


Best Education I have ever had! Very thorough, detailed and I never got bored! I feel like I learned 2 years in 1 week right there you know that is a top notch program! Thank you!

Zane Berma


Just finished 1week training with Perfumers World and it was wow. These people go straight forward, and don't waste your time. Excellent value for your money, highly recommended for everyone who seriously think about creating perfumes or scents. Thank you so much, Steve and Ryan! See you in next training!!

Catarina T


Just finished the 1st week of foundation course and I feel so inspired by it all! It was truly amazing and I will definitely be back to complete the professional one next year, can't wait! Thank you Steven & Ryan!



I went to a 1 week course..so sad I haven't got a chance to continue the whole course. But I will be back nxt year. The foundaion course was amazing with all the information and the systematic way to developing scents. Thanks Steve and Ryan for such a fun and educational class..See you soon!

Clancy Bax


Did the 3 week course with my beard. Cemented my believe that I want to have a life involved with scent creation. Honestly the best.

Urmil Nisa


I jst had 5 days course in dubai it was great in 5 day i have learned so many things about fragrances i didn't thought it will be so interesting Steven nd ryan made the easiest by explaining everything in detail and by new methods of their own Had best days best experience by meeting new people from different country loved it Hope to Meet u soon ryan nd steve

Tidtita Ko


awesome class! its a late review but i really enjoyed my 3 weeks study. i learned a lot from this class. Steve and Ryan are very helpful and friendly. the food is very nice too.

Dirham Gam


I just finished the Foundation Plus and the Professional Level Worshops they held in Bangkok last month. It was quite daunting at first for someone who did not have any previous background in chemistry and perfumery whatsoever. Thanks to Steve, Ryan and the team of PerfumersWorld, who patiently guided us through out the course. I definitely felt more confident about the art of perfume making than before I took the course. Highly recommended for anyone serious about fragrance and perfumery.

Eun Young


I have just returned from 3-week Foundation + Professional course of PerfumersWorld. Enrolling in this course has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. You will be able to learn A to Z of Perfumery, gain precious insight from Stephen and Ryan's decades of experience, meet amazing people from all over the world, and finally leave as an independent perfumer. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who wishes to know more about the art of perfumery.

Gonnabe Go


Thank you PerfumersWorld for the wonderful course. The three weeks I spent with you I have learned a lot. Thank you K. Steve and K. Ryan for helping me learn and grow in this amazing field.

Nekky Cynt


I travelled a long way to participate in the PerfumersWorld July 2013 3weeks intensive training and I must say its the best decision ever. I also met wonderful people from around the world. I put in an extra week at the perfumers studio and I enjoyed every bit of it. I will definitely be coming back to gain more experience. Feel the Smell........

Ang Jayden


I am in the trade of aroma chemical and essential oil for the past 5 years. Coming to this 1 week foundation course really widen my horizon and connect all the dots I had in perfumery and aroma chemicals. The only regret was not coming earlier for this course. Steve and Ryan was also very knowledgeable- providing good insight and constructive feedback. If time permit, i would like to come back for the professional level course. Thank you PerfumersWorld team. You guys did an awesome job.

Karen Quin


I did the Foundation and the Professional Level courses all in one three week block which was exhausting but oh-so-rewarding. I loved every minute and can hardly believe how much knowledge I've been able to take on board in such a relatively short time, thanks to this brilliant course. The whole experience has been fabulous in so many ways. Steve is a brilliant teacher, breaking down all the academic stuff in a way that makes it easy for the novice but yet still manages to impart information that impresses established chemists. Ryan offers practical help and advice throughout the incredible workshops. I was so impressed with his ability to stay calm and deal with every student's queries quickly and efficiently without forgetting anything. Not only have I acquired a whole new set of skills, but I have acquired new levels of confidence in myself. I have acquired several new international friends! I have so much more to say, but need more time to process it all. I just cannot wait to see what comes next I posted the above in a comment on this page shortly after finishing the course. Since getting back home, I've used all that knowledge and positivity to develop a brand and already have three customers for a bespoke perfume. I'm also planning a full scale launch of a perfume I designed whilst ON the course. Steve and Ryan are nice guys - but perhaps more importantly if you're considering the course, they KNOW their stuff. They don't give praise where it isn't due, and if criticism is needed it's always very constructive. This course is DEFINITELY worth 5 stars. For me, it has been literally life-changing.

Lindsay Ma


My decision to come on the Weeks 2 and 3 Professional level course was very last minute, and I was extremely nervous about travelling half way around the world, on my own, to a country I had never visited before. From the arrival instructions we received which were very clear and helpful, to the accommodation, transfers to the factory and all the other arrangements, I was quickly reassured. The course itself was very well structured and paced so that the group who came from all different backgrounds and with different objectives could take from it what they needed. I knew that it was going to be intense, but the rewards were commensurate with the work we all put in. Stephen and Ryan were endlessly patient and supportive which was critical to the success and enjoyment of the course. The course itself was very clearly explained at all steps and provided a methodology for approaching self study afterwards, in a number of ways. I have played with mixing oils to create fragrances for a couple of years, with limited success, but now feel armed with tools to adopt a much more structured approach to the creative process. On a personal level it has been transformatory. I hope that others who may hesitate as I did, follow my example and take the plunge. Thank you Perfumers World.

Ashar Boyl


Doing the 5 day course took my perfume knowledge to a complete other level. The confidence in knowing that each and every creation will be good is truly down to the indepth knowledge given by Stephen's wealth of knowledge. Thank you again Stephen and Ryan for making the chemistry side of it as understandable as possible and I look forward to the professional course and more laughs. Feeeel the smell!!

Kiat Ma


I joined the class in 2014 and was very happy with the decision. It was very informative and although the course took only 15 days it paved the path where we can further our knowledge on our own. Highly recommended for those into perfumery.