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My Unique Perfume

How do I get a unique perfume made?
What options are open to me if I want a unique perfume for myself or for my business


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An A-Z of the common terms used in perfumery.
The definitions are geared towards their general usage in the perfumery industry. Comments and discussions are invited from readers about words they would like to see included, clarified or alternative definitions given.

Short Introduction to Perfumery

A short course in perfumery for pleasure or profit with around 20 pages.
This is also included in booklet form with additional information and demonstraion formulas with The Perfumery Training Kit.

The ABCs of Perfumery

A powerful odour classification and grouping system for perfumery.

Raw Materials Overview

An overview of the main material groups used in perfumery

Recommended Perfumery Books

Recommended perfumery reference books for the serious student

A Perfume History Timeline

An illustrated history of perfumery


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