My Unique Perfumes - how do I get them made?

Whether you want your perfume for your own private use, for perfuming a range of pot pourri, candles and gifts you sell via the internet, a shop, or, if you need a fragrance for a global launch, we'll run through the some of the innovative solutions PerfumersWorld can offer.

Note: ALL the options here from the cheapest to the most expensive use the best industry quality materials, sourced from the five continents. The essential differences are that some solutions are automated and others require buying kits or raw materials and others require expensive professional human labour and decades of expertise.

From the, cheapest, and fully automated solution, The Perfumer's Wizard, through becoming a perfumer to create yourself, or take the Rolls Royce option and get a professional perfumer to support you through the process, from creation to launch and beyond.

Development Cost Time Formula Benefit
The Perfumer's Wizard $10+ 10 min Yes Quick, Fun, Cheap
Custom Signature Perfume Creation $600 1-6 months No Made by an experienced Perfumer
Reproduce My Perfume Sample $700++ 1 month++ GCMS Report Made by Analysis and Perfumer
Consultant Perfumer Service $120,000 1-12 months Yes Whole Project Support
7-step Custom Creation Kit $700 2 hrs-2 days Yes Quick, Fun, Unique - I made it myself
F-TECPW Pro Perfume Creation System $1,200 + 5 mins to 2 hrs Yes The power of materials x software
Create it myself as a Perfumer $250++ 3-24 months Yes Path to being a Perfumer

The Perfumer's Wizard

1) Download The Perfumer's Workbook and use it's Graphic Odour Design Wizard or,
2) Online with the easiest learning curve with The Perfumer's Wizard (free log-in required)

Get a unique perfume created for me by a Wizard
Generate and order a custom made perfume online with a few keywords that describe my perfume concept
Before only available via The Perfumer's Workbook now online too. Read more.....


Custom Signature Perfume Creation

Get a unique perfume created for me by an experienced perfumer
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Reproduce my Perfume Sample from GCMS Analysis

Get a perfume sample replicated the Hi-tech way with a team of Chemists and Perfumers
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Consultant Perfumer Service

Get a unique perfume created for me by an experienced perfumer
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Create myself using the 7 step Custom Creation Kit

Develop your own unique blend with the 7-Step Custom Creation Sets which can be integrated with essential oils and other aroma materials.
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Create using F-TECPW Pro Perfume Creation System

Use the the F-TEC Custom Creation Kit integrated with the power of
The Perfumer's Wizard Professional Edition, with 100,000 preloaded
descriptions and infinite variation. The system can be simply
adapted with your own raw materials for specific applications
and cost requirements. A system that can easily be upgraded to a
full size turn-key bespoke perfume business.
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Create it myself as a perfumer

Start with The Perfumery Training Kit and a Foundation Level training course or Workshop in "The Art and Technology of Perfumery".
Then progress to The Students Raw Material Kit and a Professional Level course or Workshop.
This represents an acheivable path to becoming a professional perfumer.
A cost effective method of ensuring that your fragrance is unique and to your own requirements.