GCMS Analysis

The service uses the latest technology, equipment and algorithms run by some of the best chemists in the field. On first run one can usually identify most constituents(peaks) of 90-98% of the formula down to about 0.1%. As with all analytical services the results do differ from sample to sample and some may contain unreleased captives (in-house chemicals) that are not yet in the database, which may appear as unknown peaks.

GCMS Analysis with Interpretation

Report Style
We supply the GCMS chromatogram which shows the Gas Chromatography trace and peaks identified with the top match from the Mass Spectrometer based on a single run. Each peak on the chromatogram represents an aroma molecule which may be synthetic or from a constituent of a natural essential oil (see notes below). We also include an interpretation of the main high probability peaks in the form of an easy to read list ready for you to try in your experiments. Although we try to give you an idea of what the perfume formula may look like it is NOT the final formula and will usually require some experimentation by you to get it to your satisfaction.
We will not modify the interpretation or proposed formula we send you further as it's the results of the chemical analysis not a creative process - the data is the data!.
If you want a perfume created based on a modification of the interpreted results then we will treat each sample as a Custom Signature Creation Project without formulation at additional cost. If you require an open formula service then you will have to join our Consultant Perfumer Service.
If you wish us to do additional runs to get more detail then we can try using different parameters on the GCMS system and then this is treated as a NEW analysis and each run charged as a new run and interpretation ($600). Warning! Be prepared that this will give you nothing more or at best 1% or 2% additional information which may be important if you need to be closer, but can get very expensive, very quickly. It can easily take 10 runs or more! but we will do it step by step so the cost can be controlled by you.
If you prefer to do the initial interpretation yourself to learn and save 50% then check out the GCMS Analysis DIY Interpretation option below.
Check below how to send us samples.

US$600.00 /sample

Reproduce my Perfume Sample from GCMS Analysis

Sample & GCMS Report
We offer a Custom Signature Perfume Creation Service where you can send us a small sample of the original perfume and we will analyze it using a basic GCMS analysis and interpretation and then attempt to reproduce it. It usually will come out similar from the first run BUT will not be exactly the same, but there is no guarantee for this as analysis work is dependent on the sample type and condition. We will send you a sample for your evaluation (7ml bottle) and you can stop there and purchase as much as you need. Alternatively you can ask us to do further work to get closer but this is chargeable at each step and may become very expensive before you are completely satisfied. Especially so as we will need to carry out additional GCMS analysis work.
We can't estimate initially how much work will be required until after the first run has been completed and a sample has been made and evaluated. This will be especially so if the sample is from a product (like soap, cosmetic or toiletry) or is many years old or degraded. Having said that we have got meaningful results from discontinued perfume samples over 70 years old.
Check below how to send us samples.

US$700.00 /sample

Sample Extraction for GCMS Analysis

Perfumed or flavoured products such as ice cream shampoo, soap, talc etc. cannot be directly injected into the Gas Chomatogram and extraction from the product maybe required. This is an additional +US$100. (Please first send us the sample and we will advise if this is necessary).

US$100.00 /sample

GCMS Analysis Rush Service

Lead Time The lead time is 4 weeks from receipt of sample, if you have urgent work then samples can be rushed but is an additional $100 each due to the special handling of the samples and overtime rates.

US$100.00 /sample

GCMS Analysis DIY Interpretation

If you prefer to try the interpretation yourself, it takes about 2 hours work on average with our easy to follow instructions. It's easy, educational and fun and you save money too! We supply the GCMS chromatogram which shows the GC trace and peaks identified with the top match. Each peak on the chromatogram represents a single chemical ("molecule") which may be a synthetic aroma chemical or a completely natural chemical constituent of an essential oil. Note: This is NOT a formula no more than an x-ray tells you how a person is made. But it will likely get you to understand the general structure and main components of the perfume which is all but impossible by smelling alone to give you as much as the GCMS will give you.(see Notes below)
Check below how to send us samples.

US$300.00 /sample

GCMS Notes, Instructions and Tips

A fresh sample of the perfume or flavour compound gives the most reliable results followed by an alcoholic cologne or perfume, send 1 to 5 grams. If you only have the product then we can extract the perfume from it but we need 100-200 grams. Pack securely, leakproof and in the smallest package practicable. If using a Courier use the door to door service.

Pricing (2022).
1) Compounds, Essential Oils, Absolutes, Alcoholic Perfumes and Colognes. GCMS report US$600. If you prefer to try the interpretation yourself, it takes about 2 hours work on average with our easy to follow instructions and you save money (only US$300).
2) Perfumed or flavoured products such as ice cream shampoo, soap, talc etc. Extraction from the product is an additional +US$100. (Send us the sample and we will advise if this is necessary).
3) In the event that manual interpretation of the GCMS report is required or special runs to identify unknown peaks or look for specific components below 0.1% we will quote after the initial run has been carried out.

Lead Time
4) The lead time is 4 weeks from receipt of sample, if you have urgent work then samples can be rushed but is an additional $100 each due to the special handling of the samples and overtime rates.

Instructions for sending samples.
Address to send to:

PerfumersWorld Ltd. Partnership,
5 Vibhavadi Rangsit 33, Yaak 6,
Don Mueang,
Bangkok 10210.

Attn: Boonchuay Dowthwaite
Tel/Fax: Int + (66 2) 99-800-80

  • Concentrated Fragrance Compounds/Essential Oil Blends 1 to 5 grams/ml.
  • Alcoholic Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette or Colognes 5 to 10 grams/ml.
  • See Non-Liquid Shipping Method in Notes: if you can't send liquids
  • Products (soap, shampoo, powder, candles etc) 100 to 200 grams/ml.
  • Pack securely, leakproof and in the smallest package practicable
  • If using a Courier use the door to door service.
    Please indicate on containers and all documents:
  • "Samples of aroma materials for analysis H.Ref. 3302.90 (Mixtures of odoriferous substances used as raw materials in industry.)"
  • "Do not contain alcohol."
  • "NOT for use in flavours or food products."
  • "Issued Free of Charge."
  • "No Commercial Value."
  • "Value for Customs purposes = US$______ " (Show total actual value of materials e.g. US$0.50 to 1.00/sample)
  • You can include references but they should not include the words "oil, extract, perfume, cosmetics, essential oil, alcohol, flavour, food, chemical, pharmaceutical"


Samples to be matched will be analysed by some of the best GCMS facilities and technicians in the world. Expect typically out of the analysis of 3 different samples on average to get one 95%+ correct, one between 80-90% correct and one poor one about 50-70% correct. Poor results may be for many reasons including the age of the sample or it may even have items in the formulation designed by the original manufacturer to obstruct analysis such as captive ingredients and non-volatile fixed oils. A GCMS report is NOT a formula, it just identifies the component molecules in the sample. This means that it does not identify essential oils so if it reports a molecule like Linalool it may be from Linalool aroma chemical, Rosewood oil, Bergamot Oil, Lavender Oil or at least 30 other essential oils or thousands of specialty bases.

It takes typically 4 weeks to get the results to you.

Solid Sample Method Non-Liquid Shipping Method Read All the instructions first before starting.
In these crazy times many are having problems shipping liquids, so if you are experiencing this, here is an alternative non-liquid method.
1. Get a SMALL hard sided, air tight sealable (1 to 5ml) Poly Propylene, PET, glass, aluminium bottle or pot. (Our PP mixing pots work well for this purpose) or 1-2ml GCMS sample phials.
USE ONLY: Hard sided PP, PET, GLASS or Aluminium bottles or pots. DO NOT USE: Cling film (Saran or Mylar wrap), PVC, ACRYLIC, POLYSTYRENE, ABS, LDPE, HDPE or Aluminium Foil.
2. Pack the phial/pot/bottle with a single NEW white additive-free sterile cotton wool ball, add 1-2 grams (1-2 mls or 50-100 small drops) of the perfume/cologne/oil/compound.
3. Allow the oil to fully absorb so it doesn't drip. If it is too wet absorb the excess with another new sterile cotton wool ball and discard the excess. CLOSE FIRMLY. Seal with non-smelly electrical tape.
4. Attach a clearly PRINTED label to the pot with Your Name/Company and Sample Name/Reference and Date. Place the pot/bottle in its, own tiny ziplock bag. Attach a copy of the label on the outside of EACH ziplock bag.
Label example:

  John Smith ACME Co.Ltd  
  Sample Ref. ABC123  
  Solid sample for GCMS.  
  12th June 2022  

5. For the Customs Form on shipment.
Only use door to door service.
"4 x 2 gram solid samples for analysis Ref: HS Code 3302.90"
"No commercial value. Issued free of charge"
"Value for customs purposes US$ 1.00"
We suggest 50 cents to $1 x number of samples. You must include a value or Customs will invent one.
Include the tracking number and details of your shipment. Tell us how much compound or perfume you added and the type of sample it is. ex:
Sample Ref. ABC123 = 1.50 grams Rose Bouquet Perfume Compound.
Sample Ref. DEF456 = 75 drops Terre de Hermes EdT.
Sample Ref. GHI789 = 1 ml Bergamot Essential Oil.
Sample Ref. JKL101 = 50 drops Mango Flavour Compound.
Important: Be as spotlessly clean as you can WITHOUT using smelly cleaners.
Only handle cotton wool and samples with freshly washed hands. NO smells, NO creams or lotions in an odour free room.
Our new GCMS we will pick up d'Limonene from an orange if its been in the same room as the sample.
VERY IMPORTANT: Do not put the cotton wool directly into soft plastic, a plastic bag, cling film, ziplock bag, sandwich bag etc. As the sample will leak, get contaminated and be useless for analysis.
Samples without a message being received before they arrive may be refused or discarded without opening for the security of our staff.