The Fleuressence Custom Creation Kit

The 7-Step Fleuressence Custom Creation Kit (Full Size Display Kit 60cc shown - stand not included).

The 10cc set is recommended for experimental purposes and travelling sets. The whole set is sized so that it can be enclosed in a portable travelling case (not supplied).

The 30cc set is recommended for non fixed locations where space is limited such as exhibition booths.

The 60cc set is recommended for static locations where space is not limited such as in a shop or showroom with increased "presence".

7-Step Custom Creation Perfume Kit is a range of 164 prime odour concept Fleuressence bases arranged in a 7-Step creation process.

7-Step Custom Creation Perfume Kit is a set of our Fleuressence perfume bases for simple, quick, economical and effective custom perfume creation.

Order refills as required in any size.

FYI: Materials are supplied by weight for constancy. e.g. 60 grams is approximately 60ml or 60cc but weight is used as volume varies with temperature. 60g of light oils like Citrus Oils tend to be a little more than 60cc/ml while solvents like DPG, BB, BA tend to be a little less.

10g 7-Step Custom Creation Perfume Kit consists of

1. 7-Step Custom Creation Perfume Kit's 164 Materials in 10g amber glass bottles with dropper caps
2. 164 Glass tube inserts
3. 20 Spare dropper caps & tubes
4. Instruction Manual on .pdf file
5. Client Formula Sheet Template
6. Formula Support via The Perfumer's Wizard Online
7. Self-assembly plastic shelves

30g 7-Step Custom Creation Perfume Kit consists of

1. 7-Step Custom Creation Perfume Kit's 164 Materials in 30g amber glass bottles with dropper caps
2. 164 Glass tube inserts
3. 20 Spare dropper caps & tubes
4. Instruction Manual on .pdf file
5. Client Formula Sheet Template
6. Formula support via The Perfumer's Wizard Online

60g 7-Step Custom Creation Perfume Kit consists of:

1. 7-Step Custom Creation Perfume Kit's 164 Materials in 60g frosted amber or frosted plain glass bottles with dropper caps
2. 164 Glass tube inserts
3. 20 Spare dropper caps & tubes
4. Instruction Manual on .pdf file
5. Client Formula Sheet Template
6. Formula support via The Perfumer's Wizard Online
7. Bottles can be customized with your label (based on label or artwork supplied by you)
8. 2 days Optional training at PerfumersWorld in Bangkok (Travel or Hotel not included)

12ml Amber Dropper Bottles

10cc bottle

30ml Amber Dropper Bottles

30cc bottle

60ml Amber Dropper Bottles

60cc bottle

7-Step Custom Creation Perfume Kit's Materials
Note: There maybe slight changes to the list and names provided below,
to comply with changing IFRA, EU regs, product updates and improvements.

A A-Aldehyde Fleuressence 6AN07832
N Acacia Fleuressence 6NL08389
W Agarwood Fleuressence 6WU08483
Q Amber Fleuressence 6WV12277
U Ambergris Fleuressence 6UY09424
U Ambergris Fleuressence 6UY09424
D Animaliissio Blender Fleuressence 6DU12415
F Apple Fleuressence 6FG07793
W Arabian Oudh Fleuressence 6WQ08484
H Armoise Fleuressence 6HH09096
F Banana Fleuressence 6FD09062
P Basil Fleuressence 6PS12413
Q Benzoin Fleuressence 6QV09111
C Bergamot Fleuressence 6CL09058
C Bergamot Fleuressence 6CL09058
B B-ice-Berg Fleuressence 6BB07833
S Black Pepper Fleuressence 6SH09677
F Blackcurrant Fleuressence 6FB09427
L Bois de Rose Fleuressence 6LW12346
N Broom Fleuressence 6NL08427
B Camphoraceous Fleuressence 6BH09017
S Cardamon Fleuressence 6SC09679
S Carnation Fleuressence 6SP09163
X Cashmir Musk Fleuressence 6XB09681
N Cassie Fleuressence 6NI09419
U Castoreum Fleuressence 6UP11559
C C-Citrus Fleuressence 6CL07830
W Cedarwood Fleuressence 6WW09124
N Champaca Fleuressence 6NJ09072
F Cherry Fleuressence 6FN09071
V Chocolate Fleuressence 6VE12421
C Chrome Citrus Fleuressence 6CL11946
U Chypre Fleuressence 6UX10406
S Cinnamon Fleuressence 6SV08501
A Citrus Aldehyde Fleuressence 6AC09112
U Civet Fleuressence 6UU09106
S Classic Spice Fleuressence 6SC12411
G Clear Green Blender Fleuressence 6GM12399
S Clove Fleuressence 6SP09088
V Coco Butter Fleuressence 6DV09055
D Coconut Fleuressence 6DV12422
E Coffee Fleuressence 6ET08267
F Cognac Wine Fleuressence 6FY08507
C Cologne Fleuressence 6CL10405
G Cucumber Fleuressence 6GF07657
M Cyclamen Fleuressence 6MG09430
D D-Dairy Fleuressence 6DD08537
F Dewberry Fleuressence 6FL09127
E E-Edible Fleuressence 6EG08432
F F-Fruit Fleuressence 6FD10042
M Fleurissimo Blender Fleuressence 6ML12398
J Flower Bouquet Fleuressence 6JV10408
K Fougere Vert Fleuressence 6KC10384
E Fragrant Rice Fleuressence 6EJ07766
N Frangipanni Fleuressence 6NO09090
Q Frankincense Fleuressence 6QC09083
L Freesia Fleuressence 6LF09041
L Fresh Blender Fleuressence 6LF09429
G Galbanum Fleuressence 6GQ09095
N Gardenia Fleuressence 6ND09094
R Geranium Fleuressence 6RB07924
G G-Green Fleuressence 6GG07716
S Ginger Fleuressence 6SC12414
V Gourmande Fleuressence 6VF12416
F Grape Fleuressence 6FN09097
C Grapefruit Fleuressence 6CN12394
A Green Aldehyde Fleuressence 6AG09015
K Green Pine Fleuressence 6KG08506
E Green Tea Fleuressence 6EG12402
V Heliotrope Fleuressence 6VN09081
H H-Herb Fleuressence 6HL11969
P Honey Fleuressence 6PF08147
G Hyacinth Fleuressence 6GN09131
I I-Iris Fleuressence 6IA09182
I Ionone Fruity Fleuressence 6IF08388
J Jasmin Absolute Fleuressence 8JN07720
J Jasmin Fruity Fleuressence 6JF09428
J Jasmin Petal Fleuressence 6JJ09085
J J-Jasmin Fleuressence 6JN08956
K K-Konifer Fleuressence 6KL11970
U Labdanum Fleuressence 6UH09680
D Lactone Fleuressence 6DD08390
H Lavender Fleuressence 6HL09061
U Leather Fleuressence 6UT12424
C Lemon Fleuressence 6CC09059
L Light Blender Fleuressence 6LJ09076
F Light'n Airy Fleuressence 6FG11947
G Lilac Fleuressence 6GK09255
N Lily Fleuressence 6NN09110
C Lime Zest Tops Fleuressence 6CK12391
L L-Light Crisp Floral Fleuressence 3LL00278
X Macrocyclic Musk Fleuressence 6XD09426
C Male Floral Fleuressence 6CL10386
W Male Woodsy Fleuressence 6WC12407
C Mandarin Fleuressence 6CA09060
F Mango Fleuressence 6FV10907
F Melon Fleuressence 6FG08392
D Milk Fleuressence 6DD09086
N Mimosa Fleuressence 6NN09420
M M-Muguet Fleuressence 6MM08681
Y Mushroom Fleuressence 6YE09107
N Narcissus Fleuressence 6NP08694
G Naturelle Fleuressence 6GL10383
G Naturelle Homme Fleuressence 6GG10387
C Neroli Fleuressence 6CN09093
V New Mown Hay Fleuressence 6VD09091
X NitroMusk Fleuressence 6XU09117
N N-Narcotic Fleuressence 6NJ07696
E Nut Fleuressence 6EW09105
S Nutmeg Fleuressence 6SL09678
Y Oakmoss Fleuressence 6YH09092
O O-Orchid Fleuressence 6OV09421
C Orange Fleuressence 6CA09018
N Orange Flower Fleuressence 6NC11558
O Orchidia Blender Fleuressence 6OQ12406
Q Oriental Fleuressence 6QV10404
I Orris Fleuressence 6IA09073
I Orris Fleuressence 6IA09073
Y Ozone Fleuressence 6YG07910
Y Ozone Fleuressence 6YG07910
W Patchouli Fleuressence 6WB09123
F Peach Fleuressence 6FD08610
B Peppermint Fleuressence 6BB09016
K Pine Fleuressence 6KL09075
F Pineapple Fleuressence 6FC08433
K Pineneedle Fleuressence 6KH08503
A Powdery Fleuressence 6AJ12410
P P-Phenol Fleuressence 6PP09422
F Prune Fleuressence 6FD07547
Q Q-Oriental Queen Fleuressence 6QV09582
F Raspberry Fleuressence 6FV08343
A Rose Aldehyde Fleuressence 6AR09113
R Rose de Mai Fleuressence 6RM09423
R Rose Otto Fleuressence 6RB00398
R Rose Petal Fleuressence 6RM07757
H Rosemary Fleuressence 6HB09063
R R-Rose Fleuressence 6RR07636
E Saffron Fleuressence 6EV12393
W Sandalwood Fleuressence 6WX12457
Y Seaweed Fleuressence 6YG09070
B Spearmint Fleuressence 6BB08505
S S-Spice Fleuressence 6SP12451
F Strawberry Fleuressence 6FV09104
Q Styrax Fleuressence 6QS09084
E Sweet Corn Fleuressence 6EV10628
V Sweet Vanilla Fleuressence 6VV09134
M Syringa Fleuressence 6MG08411
R Tea Rose Fleuressence 6RG12419
P Thyme Fleuressence 6PP12412
T Tobacco Fleuressence 6TW08328
T Tobacco Fleuressence 6TW08328
T T-Tar 'n Smoke Fleuressence 6TW11971
N Tuberose Fleuressence 6ND09418
U U- Animal Fleuressence 6UU12452
W Vetivert Fleuressence 6WY09425
I Violet Fleuressence 6IG08436
V V-Vanilla Fleuressence 6VW10849
X White Musk Fleuressence 6XV09757
W White Oak Fleuressence 6WY11945
T Wood-Smoke Fleuressence 6TW09087
W W-Wood Fleuressence 6WY10132
X X- Musk Fleuressence 6XU09440
Y Y- Mossy Fleuressence 6YH12453
N Ylang Fleuressence 6NJ09074