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In Bangkok at The Perfumer's Village we are open Monday-Friday @ 09:30am-05:30pm - Welcome to drop in - best to phone first.

Visitors both young and old are welcome to take a tour of our facilities in Bangkok to see how perfumes are made.

You can also create your own unique perfume under the guidance of expert staff. Admission is free.

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PerfumersWorld Ltd., Partnership,
Unit E-8 Buildwell Development
62/43 Moo Ti 3
Phaholyothin Frontage Rd,
Tambon Khlong Nueng,
Khlong Luang District,
Pathum Thani 12120,
Tel: +66(0)2-99-800-80

Google Maps Location
(Warning: Apple Maps 3 yrs out of date)

Buildwell อาคาร E-8
62/43 หมู่ที่3
จ.ปทุมธานี 12120.

Google แผนที่
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Google Maps Location

PerfumersWorld  Unit E-8 (62/43 Moo Ti 3) BUILDWELL DEVELOPMENT, Rangsit (100m before "Boon-Ta-Worn Sign")

DRIVING DIRECTIONS - Move to the left-hand service lane immediately as you come off the elevated expressway or the latest BEFORE Thai-Wasadu 2-3 Km before Boonthavorn! otherwise you will have to do a 30 min double U-TURN.
Turn left immediately after the Goodyear Factory, at the footbridge over the road 100 meters BEFORE the BOONTHAVORN Rangsit SIGN
(Boonthavorn pronounced "Boon-Ta-Worn" is a huge home decor store with red Thai lettering on a HUGE white billboard sign that can be seen from 500-1,000m before)