The Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery Training Kit

The Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery Training Kit

The Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery Training Kit will help you understand both the art and technology of creating successful aromatherapy blends and the correct use of natural aroma materials.

(Many who attempt this on their own, without guidance can become frustrated when their results don't live up to their expectations due to common errors and misunderstandings!)

You receive all of this:

The PerfumersWorld Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery Training Kit includes

  • 40 bottles of natural aroma materials (some are pre-diluted for handling and safety) (21 10-gram bottles and 19 5-gram bottles)
  • 2 bottles of natural carrier oils (100 grams each)
  • 50 dropper bottle caps (25 large, for 10-gram bottles; 25 small, for 5-gram bottles)
  • 25 mixing pots with tops
  • 1 pack of mixing sticks
  • 2 packs large smelling strips
  • 2 packs small smelling strips
  • 1 training booklet: "The Art And Technology of Perfumery: The Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery Kit"
  • The Perfumers Workbook Desktop software on USB for computer assisted fragrance design Registered Version (normallly $159) (Windows AND Mac)
  • The Perfumers Wizard Online all-device software with 1 years Premium Access (normally $100) to generate unlimited natural perfume designs
  • 10 units of online lessons: "The Art and Technology of Perfumery"

The kit will show you how to create most of the classical aromatherapy mood blends such as:
relaxing ... cooling ... refreshing ... happy ... rejuvenating ... detoxifying ... sleepy ... balancing ... warming ... comforting ... aphrodisiac ... stimulating ... romantic ... appetizing ... confidence ...

plus perfume families like:
citrus ... fougere ... oriental ... chypre ...

from wholely natural ingredients.

Aroma Name Qty Percent of Essential Oil
Basil Oil Sweet (Exotic)5 g100%
Bergamot Oil10 g100%
Black Pepper Oil5 g100%
Cedarwood Oil Virginian10 g100%
Chamomile oil Roman5 g5%
Clary Sage Oil5 g100%
Clove Bud Oil5 g100%
Coaoa Absolute5 g100%
Eucalyptus oil10 g100%
Galbanum Oil5 g10%
Geranium Oil10 g100%
Ginger Oil5 g100%
Grapefruit Oil Pink10 g100%
Jasmin Absolute5 g5%
Juniper Berry Oil5 g10%
Kaffir Lime Oil5 g100%
Labdanum Absolute5 g5%
Lavandin Oil10 g100%
Lavender Oil10 g100%
Lemon Oil10 g100%
Lemongrass Oil10 g100%
Orange Oil Sweet10 g100%
Patchouli Oil5 g100%
Peppermint Oil10 g100%
Petitgrain Paraguay Oil10 g100%
Pine Needle Oil10 g100%
Plai Oil5 g100%
Rose Oil5 g5%
Rosemary Oil10 g100%
Tangerine Oil10 g100%
Tea Tree Oil10 g100%
Thyme Oil White5 g10%
Vetiver Oil5 g100%
White Champaka Oil5 g10%
Ylang Ylang Oil5 g100%
Rice Bran Oil10 g100%
Olive Oil10 g100%
Apricot Oil10 g100%
Avocado Oil10 g100%
Jojoba Oil10 g100%
Sweet Almond Oil100 g100%
Palm Oil Fractionated100 g100%
The Perfumer's Workbook1Registered Version
The Perfumer's Wizard11 Year Premium Access
Training Booklet1With 40 formulas