Formula Compounding (SOP):

You may already have a formula that you would like to be custom or contract manufactured for you. We compound for many perfumers who prefer to concentrate on their creative work rather than be distracted by investing in and running their own compounding facility. We are happy to provide quotations for compounding your own formulations and having done this for over 20 years we have developed a safe and secure system for handling them.

Sometimes we've been sent 'formulas' on
scraps of paper,
copied from old books,
GCMS Analysis results,
the allergen lists from perfume boxes or
formulas calculated to many decimal places on Excel or Google sheets resulting in ingredient quantities like Geranium Oil 8236.5894 or cis 3 Hexenol 0.00025687 with no mention of the diluents or concentrations used or how the amount was arrived at! In this case the client actually only made 23.56 grams but calculated the formula to 100 Kg lots.

To address this we have set up a transparent SOP or Standard Operating Procedure to handle these projects in 3 ways.

Small samples can generally be ordered for your evaluation.

Method 1) Submitted via clients input into "The Perfumer's Wizard-online" Quotations can be obtained instantly.
  • There is no charge to use the Wizard if you input the formula yourself.

  • Samples can be ordered for evaluation quickly via the Wizard.

  • We currently offer free delivery for online orders over US$100.

  • Login to the The Perfumer's Wizard
Method 2) Single formulations can be submitted for quotation and sampling, meeting the following guidelines.
  • The formula is given in a "well formed" text based format. (.txt,.csv,.xls,.doc or Mac equivalent formats)

  • Not in handwritten or image format even if pasted into excel, pages, word etc.

  • The formula should be submitted exactly as it was made in whole numbers (eg. grams, ounces, drops) or 1 or 2 decimal places without rounding off to long decimal fractions.

  • Materials must be clearly identified with their full name and source e.g. Jasmin Absolute Sambac (LMR) 10% in DPG not just "Jasmin 10%".

  • Dilutions, sub-compounds, bases, accords, special extractions etc. that have been premixed and used in formulas should be included with details and not just extended into a long impractical formula.

  • Formulas rounded off or calculated to 3 or 4 decimal places by rounding off, extending dilutions, bases into single components may have to be made to several Kilograms (at your expense) to get accurate and consistent samples.

  • A physical reference sample is supplied so our perfumers can know the outcome and quality expected.

  • An estimate of the expected cost or the maximum cost per Kilogram and the batch sizes required.

  • If sub-compounds or bases are used in a formula then the all above guidelines apply to them.

  • Submit your formula for evaluation
Method 3) Where Formulations that do not meet the requirements of the guidelines above.
Multiple formulations are sent for quotation and sampling.
  • (i) In this case, First, we will evaluate the viability of processing the formulas.

  • (ii) If we find from (i) that the formulation/s are feasible they will be treated as a Custom Perfume Project.

  • The work is still FREE, BUT a $600 non-refundable deposit is required per formula to confirm your commitment to completing the work on it.

  • For each sample, typically $10-$20 + shipping, will be deducted from your balance and $300-$700/GCMS analysis if required.

  • Any balance upon completion may be used towards the purchase of the completed perfume or towards other purchases, products or courses from PerfumersWorld.

  • The deposit is not refundable and work must be completed within 3 months.

  • Submit your formula for evaluation
  • How do I submit my formula?
    Via the Wizard - Select Write my own formula option.
    By email (please attach the file in a password protected zip file)
    Submit your formula for evaluation

  • What do I do if I can't find the material in the Wizard?
    Type the material name, supplier and quantity required in the notes section

  • What happens if you don't have the material in your stock?
    We will suggest an alternative and you can order a sample to verify it is Ok
    You can supply us with enough of the material to make your sample or order.
    We can order the material at your cost and stock it.