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Perfumer's PWx Factor

One of the greatest discoveries in perfumery!

The X Factor in perfume, the perfumer's 13th note, the missing key. PWx Factor is that mysterious finished note that the finest perfumes have and it doesn't even have a smell of it's own! Part odour enhancer, fixative, blender, improves skin acceptance, substantivity, radiance, maturation effect and even the perceived 'attractiveness' of a perfume without changing its essential smell.
We are so confident of it that we are giving $100,000 worth away free to our perfumer friends on Facebook. (Limit 1/friend)
Your 10 grams of PWx Factor is enough to 'treat' 1 full Kg of essential oil or compound and is free with any order. Just write "PWx Factor" in the remarks.
If you are not ordering anything pay $10.00 shipping via PayPal which will be refunded against your next order for ANY product, course or service.

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The Perfumer's
Formulation Bulletin

The Perfumer’s Formulation Bulletin

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Often companies and individuals approach PerfumersWorld to act as consultant perfumers for them. We have to quote thousands of dollars as it is time consuming and can be a complex matter. Now we have found an efficient way to offer you the many advantages of having the expertise of a team of consultant perfumers working for you without having to pay towards their $xxx,xxx /year salaries.

The Perfumer's Formulation Bulletin, empowering the independent perfumer

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Get private access to a new perfumery training video every week from over 100 normally only available to our workshop graduates.

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The Perfumer's Workbook *FREE*

The Perfumer's Workbook

The Perfumer's Workbook for PC or Mac

The Perfumer's Workbook is a formula writing program aimed at the professional perfumer, flavourist or trainee. It enables you to keep thousands of formulas in a compact, searchable version with lots of easy-to-use tools to help the professional, or even complete beginner create better perfumes in less time. Get the latest version FREE.


The Perfumer's Studio

Ever wanted to work in a perfumery or wanted access to a perfumer's laboratory to work on your own private projects but didn't know where or how to get started? Then PerfumersWorld's "The Perfumer's Studio" may just be the thing you have been looking for.
perfumer's studio
Situated in PerfumersWorld Laboratories and Offices Building in the north part of Bangkok near the domestic airport Don Muang. Studio participants have their own workbench and access to over 700 aroma chemicals, essential oils, absolutes, resinoids, key bases.
Access to a lounge to chill out or research with computer access points with over 100 classic perfumery works, use of the Professional Version of The Perfumer's Workbook on Mac or Microsoft.
Easy access - no previous experience or qualifications required but you can save money if you have completed a workshop with us. Find out more


"Hi Steve, Ryan and the whole Team that make it all possible at Perfumers World,
My sincerest thanks and gratitude goes out to you for the amazing week spent at Fairfield Halls, Croydon last month.
It was without a doubt one the best investments I've made- the week was incredibly educational and inspiring in ways far beyond the intention and creation of perfume, and the course structure and teaching style was so beautifully well-rounded.
A few of us girls based in the uk have also been in touch since the course ended- so the butterfly effect is in full swing!
Am happy to also be in receipt of my Perfumers World certificate and would love to make a request for the free bottle of PWx Factor :-D ..
Wow still blown away by the transparency and overflowing value of all this new knowledge...
It's like a dumper truck of opportunity falling in all our laps!! Now it's what we do with it that counts.. : p"

C......., London Workshop, UK 2014.

Upcoming Perfume Workshops


PerfumersWorld WorkshopsPerfumersWorld Workshops

Bangkok, Thailand.

The Art and Technology of Perfumery - Foundation Plus. 5 days Intensive Course and Workshop in Creative Perfumery, a primer for our advanced courses.

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Bangkok, Thailand.

The Art and Technology of Perfumery - Professional Level. 10 days (Monday-Friday) Master Classes and Workshops in Creative Perfumery.

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April 28th to May 2nd 2014:
KMUTT University, Bangkok, Thailand.

The Art and Technology of Perfumery - Foundation Plus. 5 days Course and Workshop on Perfumery with a mixed group of Thai Master Degree Students and local professionals from the Thai Spa, toiletries and cosmetics industries. This course also can qualify as a primer for our advanced courses and the Perfumer's Studio.
KMUTT Workshop Read More

London, England.

PerfumersWorld WorkshopsPerfumersWorld Workshops

The Art and Technology of Perfumery - Foundation Plus. 5 days Intensive Course and Workshop in Creative Perfumery, a primer for our professional courses. Hosted by Karen Gilbert with Steve and Ryan.

London Workshop Read More

The Art and Technology of Perfumery
Wellington, New Zealand.

perfumer workshop in Wellington NZ

The Art and Technology of Perfumery - Foundation Plus. Everything you need to learn how to make perfume in just 5 days. An intensive course and workshop in Creative Perfumery, a primer for our advanced courses. Now just step off the famous Wellington cable car straight into class, how great is that! Register now, last few places.

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